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Welcome to Tenant Talk. With over 4.5 million evictions filed in 2014 and the Better Business Bureau reporting that complaints against landlords for things like not returning a tenant's deposit unlawfully is one of their top complaints this site is a must!


Tenant Talk was designed by a judge who presided over landlord/tenant cases over 21 years and is your premier source of feedback on landlords, renters, and service providers.  With over 50 percent of tenants in the U.S. renting this site is a must to ensure past history of these parties is known, both positive and negative. 
Face it...There are many good landlords, renters, and service providers among us and there are some we don't want to experience ever again.  This site is your avenue to review input from all persons involved and it is from verified sources, unlike a blog that you can't depend on as being accurate. Get involved and communicate your experiences and check on others before you invest your time and money.

Tenant screening with TransUnion SmartMove®

Tenant Score

Get an idea of your rental applicants’ financial status with a credit-based tenant risk score.

Tenant Credit Report

View the payment history of your applicants with a full credit report powered by TransUnion SmartMove.

Criminal Background

Know an applicant’s criminal background with access to millions of national and statewide criminal records.

Eviction History

Check applicant’s eviction background with access to records from all 50 states and Washington, DC.

TransUnion searches provide access to:

  • 650 Million consumer records

  • 500 Million credit histories

  • 30+ Petabytes of data

  • 3 Billion updates per month from data providers


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