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How it works

Tenant Talk is a totally free service that allows landlords to enter feedback on renters, renters to enter feedback on landlords, and both to enter feedback on service providers. 

Designed by a judge who presided over landlord/tenant cases over 20 years all you have to do is search the existing database for the person or company you wish to provide feedback on and if they are in the database pull them up and enter your comments and score card.  If the person or company you wish to provide feedback on is not available enter them in the system.  It only takes a few seconds to do so.  You will be asked for your email address and upon entering your information will immediately receive an email confirmation email to confirm you entered the data.  When you confirm you entered the information simply by clicking on an item in the email note you information will immediately populate in the database.

As a landlord why not check on past history of potential renters before agreeing to rent and as a tenant why not know in advance what your landlord will be like before you enter into an agreement.  For landlords and tenants you need to know the track record of service providers before you hire them to work at your property. 

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