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Tenant screening with TransUnion SmartMove®


TenantTalk and TransUnion SmartMove® have partnered to make running a credit and background check as easy as a click of the mouse.  Reports take just 5 minutes to complete and are available instantly.

Through this technology, we provide independent landlords with access to the same screening tools used by the largest property management groups.  We offer thousands of tenant reports and references guaranteed to be as low in cost as other services.

Our reports allow you to get a clearer picture of your applicants with their financial score, criminal records, credit report and eviction history check:

  • 650 Million consumer records

  • 500 Million credit histories

  • 30+ Petabytes of data

  • 3 Billion updates per month from data providers

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What is Tenant Talk?

We provide the public with a way to anonymously rate their landlords or tenants.

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