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Each time a review is submitted, points are added based on the questions that are answered.  These points are combined with those from all previous reviews. Their total points are then divided by the total points possible. The output from this becomes their score.  For instance, if they have 85 points from a possible 100, their score is 85 and their grade is a B-.

Once the score is calculated (see above), the grade is determined based on something we all understand - common school grading scale:

A+ 96 - 100
A- 92 - 95
B+ 88 - 91
B- 85 - 87
C+ 80 - 84
C- 76 - 79
D+ 74 - 75
D- 70 - 73
F 69 and below

This site was developed by a judge with over 20 years experience presiding over thousands of landlord and tenant lawsuits as well as suits where both parties were unsatisfied with work performed at their homes.  As the saying goes...Foretold is Forewarned.  Gain valuable information before you agree to an offer and avoid the pitfalls.

Other websites do not contain information on landlords, tenants, and service providers in the same location.  Take advantage of this opportunity. 

Tenant Talk ensure that all comments and ratings entered are from a legitimate identify but if misinformation is entered all you need to do is go to the "Contact" section of this site and enter your facts.  Unlike some sites this will not cost you anything to enter and will be investigated by Tenant Talk.  A decision will be made to either allow the comments that were entered to remain, modify them, or delete them and enter your comments.  This site is here to work for you. 

No, you cannot and here is why:

* Many times the Court that has jurisdiction of these matters is difficult to locate and records may reside in municipal, county, chancery, or bankruptcy courts.

* Many substandard tenants move out of rented homes before a court hearing takes place and the case never goes forward or is dismissed.

* Some landlords encourage substandard tenants to move out of a property without involving the court.

* Tenants rarely file suits on substandard landlords.

* Most people pay for poor quality services and do not take legal action on service providers.

Yes.  Read the agreement section of Tenant Talk.  While we want your input we stress that honesty and transparency is a must. 

Unlike landlords and service providers many people living in the same area have the identical first and last names so we must be sure the feedback is credited to the right person.  

If you do not want to use your birth month and year you may opt to use the last 4 digits of your social security number.  

That's the awesome part since no fee is required for this site.  This is a service that benefits good quality landlords, tenants, and service providers. With this in mind, why would you not use Tenant Talk!

Yes, Tenant Talk encourages you to add a link to any legitimate website for landlords, tenants, or service providers.  Your customers, tenants, and associates deserve access to this valuable information. 

Absolutely not.  Tenant Talk is an independent company without affiliation with property management or service providers.  You can trust Tenant Talk.

Tenant Talk is for use in any city, county, or state in the United States.


That's is one of the reason Tenant Talk is easy to use.  If the person or company is not in the database yet, enter it and provide your valuable feedback.  It is important for others to hear your experience and as entries are made the database will grow to help others.


Quite the contrary; Tenant Talk is for all experiences positive and negative.  Share your experience so it will get the word out and shine the spotlight on high quality landlords, tenants, and service providers while the ones that have given poor customer service will be driven to do better in the future or risk loosing future business. 

Remember, honest and candid feedback will make the site work best for all users.

No.  Tenant Talk validates all entries and if this occurs the user is subject to having their access privileges suspended.

Yes, this is encouraged and helps keep the site actively working for everyone. To advertise use the "contact" section of this site. 

 Key questions asked about tenants are:

* Did the renter pay rent on time?

* How well did the tenant take care of the property? 

* Did the tenant remain for the full length of the rental agreement?

* Was court action required against tenant?

* What was the beginning month/year and ending month/year of the rental period with tenant?

Landlords are allowed to comment on each of these metrics and the answers to the questions generate a numerical score from 1 to 100 percent satisfaction.  

 Key questions asked about landlords are:

* Was the landlord Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, or Poor?

* How well did the landlord maintain the property?

* Did the landlord make necessary maintenance repairs?

* Did the landlord return your deposit, if it was due?

* Was court action required against the landlord?

* What was the rental period?

Based on the answers to these metrics the landlord receives a numerical score from 1 to 100 satisfaction percentage.  A comment section is provided for additional details. 

Great question. Here is why:

* The last year stats are available reflect that in 2014 in the U.S. Over 4.5 Million landlords were forced to file for eviction of tenants. 

* The Better Business Bureau advised their top 10 complaints received are from tenants complaining that their landlord did not return their deposit when it was legally due to them.

This is a clear indicator that a better vetting process for all parties is a must!  Tenant Talk is the solution. 

 TanantTalk has partnered with TransUnion to provide quality and dependable reports on your renter applicants. Reports on their financial records, criminal history background, credit report, and eviction history reports will be invaluable. Connect to TransUnion SmartMove using TenantTalk today and get started. 

No!  Professional landlords embrace this transparent exposure for two reasons:

1) As the saying goes, "The cream rises to the top!" and good landlords do also.  When you shop online and see numerous positive reviews for a product and only one negative review you realize the negative one is an anomaly, ignore it, and purchase the product.

2) allows for you to challenge the tenant's posting and if it is proven to be invalid or questionable it will be removed.  NO BLOGS ARE ALLOWED ON THIS SITE. 

Tetant Talk Is A Transparent Way For Landlords And Renters To Provide Feedback On Each Other

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